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Third party functional cookies and profiling cookies

This category of cookies includes both cookies issued by partners of Aboca S.p.A. and parties known to Aboca S.p.A., and by third parties not directly controlled or controllable by Aboca S.p.A.

The cookies issued by our partners are used to offer advanced functions and to acquire more information to permit personalised functions. These functions include the possibility of sharing content on social networks, and of accessing services offered primarily by third party operators either employed by Aboca S.p.A. or whose services are integrated consensually by Aboca S.p.A. into its own services.

If you have an account with or use the services of any of these third parties on a different web site, they may be able to determine whether you have visited one of our websites. The usage of the information gathered by these third party operators with cookies is subject to their own respective privacy policies. As a result, these cookies are identified with the names of the respective parties as follows.

These include cookies issued and used by the main social networks which allow you to share articles from our websites and to publicly express you appreciation of our work.

Any cookies not issued by partners of Aboca S.p.A. are issued beyond the control of Aboca S.p.A. by third parties which have intercepted your browsing activities while browsing elsewhere on the internet. These cookies, which are typically profiling cookies, are issued beyond the direct control of Aboca S.p.A., which therefore cannot vouch for the legitimate usage of the information gathered by third parties.

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Pursuant to and in accordance with the Provision of May 8 2014 [3118884], issued by the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority on the use of cookies, please note the following in reference to the domain of Aboca S.p.A. that is accessed on the internet by the web address

In IT, cookies are categorised as “technical” or “session” cookies, “persistent” or “profiling” cookies and “third party cookies”.

Cookies are a text-only string of information stored in small files that sites you visit, or third party sites connected to them, send to the terminal they use for connection, where they are stored and then retransmitted to the same sites the next time you visit the site. Users sometimes have a large number of cookies stored in their browser that stay for a long time, they are used, for example, for authentication purposes, to monitor sessions and remember specific settings for users who connect to the server that hosts the site they intend to view, etc.

Although generally used to assess how a website is used, how efficient it is and to make using and browsing a website simpler, and not linked to personal data, cookies can be configured to tailor the browsing experience of a particular website by linking the cookies with the user’s preferences or their personal information.

As cookies allow you to use some website functions, we recommend not disabling them. If you do block, disable or not accept cookies, you won’t be able to identify yourself on the website and some web pages may not display properly.

Technical or session cookies.

Session cookies, archived in the temporary memory and erased when the browser is closed, are used solely for the purposes of “sending a communication on an electronic communication network, or sending the information strictly necessary for the provider of a service explicitly asked by the member or user to deliver said service”. They make using the website efficient by keeping track of the information users view on its pages so users are not asked for the same information twice and/or information released by the user’s browser during the same browsing session.

These cookies can be further separated out into navigation or session cookies, which ensure users can view and use the website properly (for example, allowing you to make a purchase or provide authentication information to access reserved areas); analytics cookies, similar to technical cookies when used by the site manager to collect information in aggregate form about the number of users and how they browse the site; functional cookies, which allow users to browse using a series of pre-selected criteria (for example language and items added to cart) in order to improve the site experience.

Using technical or session cookies does not require the user’s prior consent, provided that the data controller issues the mandatory information contained in this notice, pursuant to Art. 13 of the personal data protection code, which the site manager, if only these cookies are used, may display in what it considers the most appropriate fashion.

Technical or session cookies used by prevent users from having to enter the same information more than once during their visit, e.g. username and password, analyse how the supplier’s services and content is used to create the best browsing experience and optimise the services offered.

Persistent or Profiling Cookies

Persistent or profiling cookies, on the other hand, aim to create a user profile, are stored on the user’s hard disk and are available when the browser is relaunched. They memorise users’ preferences for the current visit and subsequent visits and can be used for sending advertising messages online using the preferences shown by the user in question recorded during browsing sessions.

EU and Italian implementing legislation, in the event the site owner uses this type of cookies, requires users to be sufficiently informed on the use of these cookies and given the opportunity to make an informed decision whether to accept or decline the use of these cookies.

The provisions of Article 122 mentioned above of the personal data protection code should be considered as referring to this type of cookies. It expressly provides that “storing information in the terminal of a client or user or accessing information already stored is only permitted on condition that the client or user has given their express consent having been informed using the simplified procedure under Article 13, section 3”.

The site does not use cookies of this type.

Third-party cookies for marketing/retargeting

Third-party cookies are used by third parties and show users advertising banners that relate to the pages they have browsed on our website and other affiliated sites.

Google Analytics (Google)

Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses the personal data collected to trace and examine how the application is used, compile a report and share this with other Google services.

The data collected by the Google Analytics service relates to, for example, how long the user spends on the site, approximate geographical location, the page users arrive on and leave from, where visitor traffic comes from, etc. Google uses this data to assess how the site is used, prepare activity reports for our site and provide additional services to us in connection with use of the site and the internet.

The data collected by means of these cookies is used in aggregate form. “Aggregate form” means that the cookies and the tracking systems are never linked to the person. They are linked to browsing, so no one will be able to link your name with the web pages or sites you visit.

In addition, important information such as your IP address is made “anonymous” to provide you with extra peace of mind, as described below.

On our website, Google Analytics has been given the code “gat._anonymizeIp();” to ensure that only an anonymous IP address is retrieved (referred to as IP masking).

Your IP address (the number assigned to your computer by your internet service provider) is abbreviated and therefore made anonymous – at our request – by Google within European Union Member States and in other countries that are members of the European Economic Area. This means that usage profiles created by Google Analytics are made “anonymous” and this makes it impossible to trace the profile back to the actual user. The full IP address is only transmitted to a Google server in special cases, where it is then abbreviated.

Your anonymised IP address sent by your browser as part of the Google Analytics process is not used together with other data already held by Google. Google may only send this data to third parties in line with legal provisions or when preparing data for third parties. Under no circumstances will Google group your personal data with other data collected by Google.

Google adheres to the principles on personal data detailed in the US Safe Harbor agreement and is on the Safe Harbor list, a programme of the US Department of Commerce.

By using our site you consent to the data retrieved by Google Analytics being processed, the methods of processing and the uses set out above.

Please consult the websites of third parties for further information about how they use cookies.

Personal data collected: Usage cookies and data.

Place of handling: USA

Privacy Policy: – Opt Out:

Google Fonts (Google Inc.)

Google Fonts is a font viewing service managed by Google Inc. that allows this application to use these fonts on its pages.

Please consult the websites of third parties for further information about how they use cookies.

Personal data collected: Usage cookies and data.

Place of handling: USA

Privacy Policy:

As with main cookies, you can block third-party cookies by changing the settings of your browser.

YouTube (YouTube, LLC)

YouTube is a video viewing service managed by YouTube, LLC that allows this application to use video content on its pages. Personal data collected: Usage cookies and data.

Please consult the websites of third parties for further information about how they use cookies.

Place of handling: USA – Privacy Policy:

Google Maps API (Google Inc.)

This is a service that allows interactive Google maps to appear on the website.

Personal data collected: Usage cookies and data.

Please consult the websites of third parties for further information about how they use cookies.

Place of handling: USA – Privacy Policy:


CloudFlare is a free or payable service that uses an infrastructure similar to akamai that improves the performance of a website simply by creating a cache of the web pages and distributing the cache across different servers.

Place of handling: USA – Privacy Policy:

Cookies settings

The standard settings on a lot of browsers automatically allow cookies, but they also give the option to manage the majority of cookies, including the option to accept them or not and the possibility of erasing them.

For more information on cookie management, look under the “Tools” (or similar) section of your browser.

You can set your browser to receive a notice before accepting cookies, where you can decide whether or not to accept cookies. You can even disable cookies completely.

How do I disable cookies?

The majority of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) are configured to accept cookies. Cookies stored on your computer’s hard drive can still be erased and you can also disable cookies by following the instructions of the main browsers using the following links:

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