7 good habits to avoid a cough

There are certain days when the cough just doesn’t seem to want to go away. It is a nuisance that complicates our daily life. In this situation, it may be useful to have a few simple practices that help soothe the cough. Here are our 7 tips:

  • Drink plenty of fluids regularly: water, juices, lukewarm herbal teas that are low in sugar or sweetened with honey if possible (lukewarm drinks reduce irritation of the airways and make the mucus more fluid, facilitating its removal).
  • Clean the nose well several times a day and, especially in children, use a saline solution.
  • Take a bath or shower regularly. Routine hygiene procedures in a normally heated environment with water at an appropriate temperature can help humidify the mucosa of the airways.
  • Avoid sudden fluctuations in temperature.
  • Wear light pyjamas at night, avoiding excessive blankets and duvets.
  • Dress in ‘layers’ by protecting yourself with scarves, gloves and woollen hats when leaving the house and when the temperature is very low.
  • Open the windows to allow the circulation of air
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