Aboca's research into dry, chesty, acute and persistent coughs

When we find ourselves dealing with a cough, whether it is dry, chesty, acute or persistent, our first goal is to find a remedy that will make it go away as quickly as possible. Coughing, both for adults and children, is an annoying symptom. However, we must remember that it is also one of our body’s primary defence mechanisms, helping to protect the airways and the physiological functioning of the respiratory system. This is why it is important to soothe the cough without losing its protective function.


In Aboca’s research laboratories, we have always studied plant substances in their complexity, as well as their interaction with our bodies. In this way, we have developed formulations made of plant complexes and honey that perform a physiologically protective, soothing and anti-inflammatory action on the upper respiratory tract, modulating the cough. This is how Grintuss was developed, a product line that is tough on coughs and gentle on the body.

Per la salute di oggi e domani

For today and tomorrow’s health

For over 40 years, we at Aboca have been searching for the solutions to human health in nature while at the same time respecting the human body and the environment. We recognise the therapeutic potential of complex plant-based substances and bring them from the world of tradition to the world of innovation, according to Evidence– Based Medicine and Systems Medicine criteria. Our products are manufactured through a vertically integrated system that covers everything from organic farming and scientific research to production. Throughout this process, we exclude the use of chemically synthesised and non-biodegradable substances. We are a Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp. Through our work we are formally committed to bringing about benefit to the community and the environment.